I am pretty much tempted to start by saying Hello World! But you know what, I would hold on the Hello World for another day. Maybe someday when you hear me addressing by word of mouth and not the touch of the ink I might probably go for Hello World! Don’t worry though for in due course I would talk about the beautiful Hello World!

Before I go on though I said recently that KNAiscoming, so yes I am here finally. Welcome to the new and also the same old form of my blog. Now this blog goes by the address: www.enmingle.wordpress.com and yes I write on trillions covering three sections; #ODDwrite from the recent past, #GAbounds from the distant past and #Writes from the one that says #KNAiscoming. Welcome once again.
All being said then I welcome you all once again to enmingle, all I can leave you with is my appreciation to you for your reading this anyway. Yeah, and finally please do note that this blog is different from all the other blogs you would see in form of style of writing and of the content featured on the blog. So go on right ahead and select from the tabs above for your reading pleasure. Do enjoy!



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